About Us

Mainspring is one of the world’s leading technology and information services firms specializing in Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions.


Three Key Services

Implementation and Consulting

Contract Management Advisory and CLM Implementation Services
Improve your Contract Management operational capabilities (people, process, technology, data). Mainspring provides greater visibility, transparency and quality of your contracts and the contracting process, including the ability to OCR, extract, manually review, cleanse and migrate Legacy contracts to your new target CLM system.
Managed Services

Mainspring handles tedious tasks and requirements to keep you on track with any contract with obligations and requirements. We offer freedom from time-consuming administrative tasks and apply our operational expertise to maximize your return on contracts while enabling you to optimize your focus on business value creation.
Business Performance Analytics

Mainspring will assess the core elements of your contracts that will affect your return on investment and the profitability of your company. We eliminate the complexities of learning different technologies by tracking key success metrics and translating contract and transactional data into actionable insights.

Why Mainspring?

Mainspring’s mission is to deliver world class CLM solutions for Contract Management..

KEEP YOUR FOCUS - We set up and monitor your contract management process so you can focus on your organization's core strength.

MAXIMIZE - Our services allow you to reduce revenue leakage and increase profitability.

MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS - We provide contractual data and analytical measures of success. Our approach minimizes your risk and maximizes your Return on contracts.TM

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable clients to increase revenues, profit and shareholder value by targeting and continuously improving contracts and the contracting function. We support dozens of successful clients for the Global 2000 across North America and Europe.

Our approach minimizes risk and maximizes return. We focus on implementing a multi-generational plan that enables clients to more effectively establish, negotiate and monitor their agreements. Continuously improving the ways to measure, assess and retain highly valued customers, suppliers and business partners is the heart of any successful approach for maximizing your Return on Contracts.TM

Our Values

Mainspring employees:

  • Always act in the client’s best interest

  • Are direct and honest

  • Understand the meaning of commitment

  • Have a relentless drive to succeed

  • Are passionate about solving problems, and create solutions

  • Are flexible and open to new ideas

  • Enjoy the mutual respect of their clients, partners and colleagues

  • Are focused on building a profitable business