Chief Financial Officer

General Counsel

“With revenue and cost reduction pressures on the organization, I need to find ways to manage suppliers, attract customers and lower costs”

General Description

Work collaboratively with the CEO and governing Board in the development of long and shortrange operations plans and capital budgets as supported by the organization’s long and short range objectives. The CFO monitors the organization’s fiscal performance on realizing its established plans and objectives and identifies and reports undesirable trends with remedial action recommendations to the governing Board for final review and approval. The CFO assumes a lead role in exploring and implementing means of managing and improving the financial performance of the organization as well as oversees internal accounting controls, all areas of receivables management.

Critical Needs

"Information to better support strategic programs, contain costs, and manage operational and business functions, including contract management processes."

Key Opportunities

"Provide strategic leadership and consistency for optimizing revenue, minimizing spend, and improving financial performance associated with quality, performance and market growth."