General Counsel

General Counsel

“With litigation and cost reduction pressures on the organization, I need to find ways to lower risk exposure and run the Law Department as effectively and efficiently as a Law firm.”

General Description

Work collaboratively with the CEO and governing Board to ensure the company is operating within the law at all times. To do this, the GC must be aware of all transactions the company is engaged in including those that may be in only the preliminary stages. This will ensure limited risk exposure to the bottom line, personnel and the company’s public image. The GC is expected to catch problems not traditionally associated with legal advice early on, such as an employee engaging in questionable contracts. The GC is also seen as a business partner and will be called upon to provide legal advice to the relevant decision-makers in the organization.The advice may involve any number of legal issues important to the company, including, among other things, advice on employment issues, administrative and contracting policy, litigation strategy and regulatory compliance issues. The GC may have additional job responsibilities in overseeing a corporations audit and compliance functions to ensure they are aligned with the objectives of the business and the legal department.
Critical Needs

"Access and information to all legal matters, records, documents, including contracts and
corresponding business transactions to mitigate risk."

Key Opportunities

Provide strategic leadership on legal matters while optimizing legal efficiency and mitigating risk through improved visibility, access and control.