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CLM in a Pandemic World: Speed, Simplicity, and Safeguards through Contracts AI (Part 2 of 3)

Organizations often lack transparency and understanding of costs, risks, administrative processes, and obligations inherent within their agreements. Their biggest challenge is to make this relevant information available to stakeholders. Here is where Contracts AI can be instrumental. From Mainspring’s first-hand experience with close to 100 companies, we have seen the digital transformation power of Contracts…

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CLM in a Pandemic World: Rapid ROI for Business Continuity and Vitality (Part 1 of 3)

Business continuity is at the heart of every business’ disaster plan. During a time of crisis, whether caused by epidemics, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks, business trends show an increased focus by organizations to reduce spending in order to account for costly and risky external disruptions. These efforts often conclude that digitizing business processes can…

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