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Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let AI serve as a game changer for solving complex business problems and taking your business to new heights.  Mainspring’s Analytics & AI services are designed to transform your Middle Office operations with AI, machine language and intuitive visualization starting with experiments as a proof-of-concept.  We then scale to solve other problems always using vendor-agnostic solutions that absorb your transactional data and integrate with your new or existing technology.

Gain valuable data insights with AI technology to give your business an edge, ensuring you rise above your rivals, and succeed at digital transformation.


Develop digital agility with AI to overcome complex Middle Office problems.

Our firm’s experiences include building various ranking, classification, and neural nets algorithms to make intelligent predictions and maximize performance. Our data scientists have successfully built analytics dashboards for the Middle Office that will make intelligent recommendations and enable better operational performance.  

Metrics Captured

Increased retention rate

(Contributing factors: More processing time, accurate behavioral data insights, increased customer satisfaction)

Increased deal velocity

(Contributing factors: shorter cycles, fewer escalations and reviews, user-friendly contracts)

Reduced outside purchase conditions

(Contributing factors: fewer enterprise agreements, protective template language, alignment between pricing, terms, and company goals)

With AI, digital transformation becomes easy - even if you’re not an expert.

Using our comprehensive set of AI services, we can help you institutionalize AI best practices along with the latest algorithms, techniques and case studies are executed and woven into the fabric of your important Digital Transformation initiatives. You will have the opportunity leverage our team of AI engineers and data scientists experienced with all facets of AI including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Data Engineering.


Transform your business by learning and drawing insights from all the data available to you

By leveraging AI and visualization technology with your data in ways that are practical, your Digital Transformation initiative will lead to real ROI results being realized.