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Business Process Outsourcing

Mainspring’s Business Process Outsourcing for the Middle Office is our answer to customers’ needs for ongoing, real-time dedicated support beyond go-live. This offering has been specifically designed based on years of lessons learned working with successful companies, and practical implementation and support experience with positioning companies to fully maximize their Return on ContractsTM.

Digital Transformation success is not at go-live, but through the adoption and everyday evolvement of the Middle Office.

Digital transformation for the Middle Office is a journey, not a destination.

If you’re going to make it, you’ll need a clear roadmap that brings the key processes, people, and technology together. Our Business Process Outsourcing team can help by offering:


End User support to provide ongoing training and guidance through virtual sessions.

Configuration assistance to master the many intricacies of a new Middle Office application

Functionality assistance to help your administration team transition to a new Middle Office solution.

In addition to Application-related support, you can bolster your Middle Office environment with our additional services, including:

Operational is the “people-process component”, which deals with business support around Quote-to-Cash and Source-to-Pay processes. Sometimes, inertia can kick in here, but with our support, you can maintain momentum from the initial request all the way to signature and transaction fulfillment.

Intelligence is “the analytics component” where game-changing decisions are made. With your business objectives in mind, your company can gauge financial performance and leverage data insights to minimize risks, and maximize profits.

Metrics Captured

Level of User Adoption:
Most Experienced Users

Number of New
Contracts Executed
(by month, quarter)

Duration by
Workflow Status
(in hours,days)

Most Negotiated Clauses


A stronger, tailor-made Middle Office environment that reduces risk, time, and costs.

We can deploy a blended team of onshore or offshore resources to provide all or any multiple combinations of Business Process Outsourcing support.  The team can co-exist onsite or work remotely depending on the volume of transactions, complexity of the environment and level of support being requested.  Mainspring will also leverage our proven methodologies in contract optimization, business process improvement, technology implementations, organizational change management and end-user training to ensure that corporate and project goals are specified and met by the Digital Transformation Program.

Avoid user fatigue and “project inertia”.

Build Program Momentum with Mainspring and turn to our Business Process Outsourcing services.