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Contracts Lifecycle Managment (CLM)

With 100+ CLM deployments and a variety of related CLM project experience and services under our belt, Mainspring is one of a few, if not, the only CLM system integration firm that is devoted to helping clients derive the maximum value from its contracts.  All of our consultants are CLM-product certified on one or more CLM best-of-breed solutions with an average of 10 years of industry and practical implementation experience. Our expertise, experience, and award-winning approach was further reinforced by a third-party endorsement from IACCM when it selected Mainspring as a past recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Services Provider of the Year award.

Our clients will benefit from over 100 years of combined CLM experience from our Senior Leadership team and seasoned Mainspring’s consultants.

Our CLM capabilities extend beyond the application itself.

Our experience in the business processes, people issues and technology underlying an overall Digital Transformation strategy for CLM enables us to provide targeted capabilities that minimize your risk and maximize the outcome of your CLM initiative.


With all our CLM engagements, you can expect:

CLM Software Selection


We assure you that we can offer the best technology platform to support your business model, for any contract type for buy-side, sell-side, corporate and partnership agreements. After a careful evaluation of your company and existing infrastructure, we select the best point solutions to help you scale your enterprise.

Implementation Planning


With state-of-the art technology and industry best practices, we work closely with clients to boost their brand visibility and develop plans that facilitate continuous improvement.

Template Rationalization and Deconstruction


We help you streamline your existing multiple variety of templates and clauses into a select few templates for ease of implementation and maintenance. Furthermore, after migrating to your new Contracts Management system, we identify the core aspects and fields you should focus on for data analysis and reporting.



You can tap into the full potential of your new Contracts Management functionality with Mainspring's scenario-based training solutions. This comprehensive train-the-trainer program could include web-based modules and instructor-led training that cater to specific needs of your business for mobilizing sales, procurement, legal and other business functions with the new contracting and compliance approach.

Organizational Change Management


Any major change takes time and patience. When your business makes the move to embrace CLM, you’ll need a little help to instill the new customer-focused culture. We know that this process does not always happen naturally. Our change management approach works with users to set clear expectations and ensures that users of your users are aware of the changes it will bring and understand the impact on their roles. With ongoing communication and support about the changes, the transition will be much smoother.


Highly Consultative and Collaborative Approach for User Adoption and overall CLM

Mainspring has the flexibility and resources to work well with clients of all sizes, as proven by our success in implementing CLM solutions for a diverse range of small and large companies alike. 


With an agile and collaborative approach to project management approach, we lift the burden from clients to offer the technical support, services, and expertise your company needs to quickly and confidently master CLM.

Experienced in Transitioning Clients to a new CLM Environment

We get that embracing new technology can be daunting. From learning new tools to dealing with disruptions can be frustrating. Luckily for you, Mainspring is an expert in helping clients tackle this transition with ease.  We map requirements to matching capabilities and review the existing environment to understand where workarounds can be replaced with core features. We can also extract configuration, attachments and meta data out of numerous CLM applications leveraging our pre-built utilities.


After reviewing your existing setup and capabilities, our expert consultants will help guide you through the changes, and educate you on everything you need to know to get the most out of your new CLM environment.  

We strongly encourage you to speak to our clients.

We will be happy to provide contacts and contact information for multiple client references upon request.