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Digitally transforming
legal, procurement and sales operations,
starting with Quotes and Contracts.

Clients We've Helped



Digital Transformation Services for the Middle Office

We help our clients to maximize their Return on Contracts by combining industry best practices, proven technology and rigorous systems development. Return on Contracts means growth and profitability through powerful supplier and customer intelligence at the time of Source-to-Pay or Quote-to-Cash business life cycles.


We offer end-to-end services to digitally transform your Middle Office. From strategy to implementation, and business process outsourcing, analytics and AI services.


Proven Innovative and Intelligent Business Solutions

We help clients efficiently generate quotes and contracts, build a repository with accurate enriched metadata while streamlining data flow with disjointed departments, systems and workflows. This real time intelligence from people-process-technology-data working in unison helps speed up transactions while recognizing buying and spending patterns. Our clients can then respond quicker and more effectively to market conditions.


As one of the world’s leading digital transformation specialists, Mainspring is a preferred consulting partner for leading technology solutions in CLM, CPQ and Contract Discovery, OCR, and Extraction.



Middle Office Best Practices and Practical Experience that lead to Bottom line Results

We deliver on the highest expectations. We bring solutions to our clients that address the most ambitious of business objectives and deliver game changing solutions to increase volume, scope and agility. We are proud of our "stratical" digital transformation approach.


We are a team of focused, honest, creative and committed problems solvers. Our clients can always be assured that our advice, services and solutions are of the highest integrity.